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What Can Rotary Do For You?
My biggest challenge was not knowing what Rotary was. I knew people in it but heard nothing about what they did. I thought Rotary was a social club and did not see any purpose in joining one of those. This club is about service to others. If they have the cause to work with, they search for or create something worthwhile to get involved. I realize that maybe Plano West Rotary is the exception to normal. Our members and leadership are like-minded in our purpose. If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves, get a little dirt under your nails, don’t join this club. We’re all about getting involved in the service of others.
For me, it was difficult to find opportunities to help others and discover groups that shared similar interest in service and volunteering. There were groups in high school that focused on that, but most of them did not resonate with me, unlike Plano West Rotary. It made me feel frustrated that acts of service were not being taken seriously. I always wanted to do my best to help others, but the environment never felt conducive to that. In Plano West Rotary, I feel like I joined a group of amazing individuals who invited me with smiles and open arms. I became more energized with volunteering and found greater meaning in service. In high school, we volunteered to boost our resumes and improve as applicants to universities. Now, I volunteer for the sake of volunteering. So far, I am leading my first project called the Homeless Care Packages Project, and it has been a great first experience. It comprises providing resources and supplies to the homeless via donations from our amazing Plano community. I hope that this project concludes positively with fantastic results. It never hurts to try new experiences. This is a community, so everyone’s decision is respected and understood with empathy. I expected little from joining this club, but it has brought me moments of happiness and connections that are irreplaceable. The positivity that every member exudes is infectious and has made me a happier man.
Before Rotary, I did not know many community leaders. I had no connections to those involved in the Plano community. I wanted to be involved and felt disconnected. As a Plano business owner, I felt out of touch. Joining Plano West Rotary, let me meet many business owners and company leaders active in Plano. I felt involved in serving the Plano community and making a difference in helping others. If you want to serve your community and make a difference for those who have vital needs not being met, then you found a group of like-minded people focused on impacting their community! Rotary is a worldwide organization focused on Service to Others. From eliminating Polio to finding safe sources of water. Feeding and clothing the hungry to providing shelter after a disaster. Rotary is here to help! Become a member and earn the satisfaction that you made a difference in your community and the world you live!
The challenge was to find opportunities to give back to the community in which I live. It left me feeling I could do more. Plano West Rotary has allowed me a space to give back and offer help in real-time. Since joining, I’ve learned of organizations within Plano that have needs and the ways to give back. My advice to you is to meet with other members and join a couple of activities. Review what Rotary stands for, and then it becomes an easy decision. Rotary allows you the opportunity to find out about those in need in the community you live and provides opportunities to work together to make your community better.
Before Plano West Rotary, it was difficult to find consistent opportunities that focused on underserved communities. I felt frustrated not being able to volunteer in this space. After joining, I immediately jumped into projects meeting the needs of the underserved. It is so exciting to see how these projects come together and witnessing the sheer number of amazing individuals who come out to support these families in need. Come serve with us on any project and you will see and feel the impact we make on those who need it most.
Before Plano West Rotary, I didn’t know the word–Networking. I wanted to meet business professionals in their trade like banks, small business owners, builders, real estate agents, farmers, ranchers, HVAC, plumbers, and attorneys. After I joined and found fellowship, friendships, opportunities to serve, resources, and personal growth. You should visit our club meetings and volunteer for service projects. You can talk to members and learn more about Rotary and Plano West Rotary. Do your homework and know what Plano West Rotary is all about. Find something in Life or Rotary that you are passionate about. Put forth the effort to make it better.
I joined Plano West Rotary to be able to network with other leaders in the community because I wasn’t connected.  After starting the club in 1980, many doors in Plano were opened to me.  The opportunities allowed my real estate investment business to grow throughout the area.  Rotary can be the best business and personal investment you’ll ever make.
Before joining Plano West Rotary Club I was overworked because I didn’t have enough help in serving our community. I felt drained, very tired, yet determined. After joining the club, we were joined by so many others with a servant heart. With so many volunteers we provided food to the Douglass community in 2 hours a day when it used to take us 9 hours a day. If serving is your goal, Plano West Rotary Club will provide the opportunity to meet your goal and beyond. Plano West Rotary is more than a club, it is extended family!
The Plano West Rotary club helped me find time in my busy schedule to give back to my community. The club has provided me with so many leadership and personal development opportunities which have really benefited me as a young adult. I now have the skills and opportunities to really make a difference in my community!
I joined Rotary after being invited to a few meetings. I enjoy the fellowship and how overtime you connect with everyone. Rotary has the chance to touch more people. Teachers have an important, but hard, job and I enjoy supporting them. If you like the idea of service, give Rotary a try. What new ideas and values can you bring?
Rotary is a huge resource and the sky's the limit. The minute you decide you have a passion area that you really want to work on, you have a lot of resources at your fingertips and like-minded people that will help you make it happen. People might hear about mandatory attendance, but our club does not focus on that. We want members to be a part of the service and get to know others. I would not consider myself a good networker and not super outgoing. Through Rotary, I learned our club has a diverse group of people with amazing skills. As a result of knowing people in Rotary, I found I can hook people up, and I feel comfortable contacting a total stranger to see how we can work together and collaborate for a common service project!
I joined Plano West Rotary Club because my son was involved in Interact and I enjoyed being around positive people. The people in the club are excited and pumped up! If service is in your nature, in your blood, and you do not know where to start, go for Rotary. Get involved and go from there, you may even inspire others!
Before joining Rotary, I did not know where to go to find reputable opportunities to provide service. I see a lot of needs for the senior population, but I did not have the exposure to other needs. Rotary allows me to diversify and see more of what the other community needs are outside of the senior population.  Everyone in the club has been so welcoming and kind; I feel like they want me there and it is so much fun! Visit different Rotary Clubs because when you find one you fit with you will know and it will just work! 
Before I joined the Plano West Rotary club, I had served through church and on high school boards but lacked some of the contacts and knowledge that I gained through Rotary. With the Plano West Rotary club, I got the contacts and networking opportunities I was wanting! We worked with Tanzanian clubs to provide clean and healthy water by digging water wells for 4 villages. If you are interested, try it for a couple of weeks and see if it would be something to contribute to and enrich your life.

It was always a challenge finding funding for events and securing donations. Encountering these challenges inspired me to join Rotary, where I could have much stronger financial backing for service around the community. Attending club meetings, I was able to see the impact and power of Rotary. Rotarians have put their faith and support behind me; I feel more inspired and empowered to make a difference. When you join Rotary, you have the backing of over 1 million members that are there to support you and build you up. Rotarians are people of action, and they not only make a difference but inspire others to do so.

Rotary lets you take something you are passionate about and run with it. Not only will they let you run with it, but they will help you financially, and help you connect with other clubs in the district for help. This allows you to affect the community in a way you couldn’t before. I was asked by a member to attend one of the meetings and I had heard of Rotary, but I did not know anything about it.  I started doing research on Rotary and the international impact it has and my perspective changed. I saw how universal it is and how my service opportunities increased because of Rotary. I have gained a lot of friends I did not have a few years ago, and it is not about attending all of the meetings, it is about service. Service Above Self.