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What Rotary Can Do For You?
I joined Rotary after being invited to a few meetings. I enjoy the fellowship and how overtime you connect with everyone. Rotary has the chance to touch more people. Teachers have an important, but hard, job and I enjoy supporting them. If you like the idea of service, give Rotary a try.
Rotary is a huge resource and the sky's the limit. The minute you decide you have a passion area that you really want to work on, you have a lot of resources at your fingertips and like-minded people that will help you make it happen. People might hear about mandatory attendance, but our club does not focus on that.
With my children's activities and school, finding the time and availability to serve was a challenge, so I had been volunteering with the Plano West Rotary Club for over a year before I joined. It is enjoyable to serve with like-minded people who want to help the world ...