We really enjoyed seeing our friend, Donna Walsh, and her friend Patti, as they shared updates from Teaching With Jamaica this week!  If you missed our meeting and are interested, the video link is below (thank you, Mr. President, Alex!)
Plano West loves supporting Teaching With Jamaica since they do a great job of teaching teachers in Jamaica and providing them with the skills, training & tools they cannot easily acquire locally, but are so helpful for teaching & learning!  We were also very excited to present Teaching With Jamaica with a check for $1200, as they continue to support their teachers in Jamaica!
We learned that last year was their largest traveling team of teachers at 24!  They held a 3-day conference for local Jamaican teachers, which was "sold out" at 160 registrants max - a few teachers even came each morning, hoping there would be room for them to jump in.  After last year's successful trip, they came home to start preparing for this year's trip, but the pandemic threw a kink in their plans for travel.  But, the good news is - they just had their first Zoom meeting with 23 Jamaican teachers last night, plus 6 US teachers, AND, they will be meeting every night this week!
Please stay tuned for more information from Teaching With Jamaica about how Plano West Rotary as well as other Rotary clubs and our community, can help support their efforts with a list of supplies they need, and a potential future service project!
And, for more information about Teaching With Jamaica, please find the link to their website on the left column of our website.
link to video of program: