For me, it was difficult to find opportunities to help others and discover groups that shared similar interest in service and volunteering. There were groups in high school that focused on that, but most of them did not resonate with me, unlike Plano West Rotary. It made me feel frustrated that acts of service were not being taken seriously. I always wanted to do my best to help others, but the environment never felt conducive to that. In Plano West Rotary, I feel like I joined a group of amazing individuals who invited me with smiles and open arms. I became more energized with volunteering and found greater meaning in service. In high school, we volunteered to boost our resumes and improve as applicants to universities. Now, I volunteer for the sake of volunteering. So far, I am leading my first project called the Homeless Care Packages Project, and it has been a great first experience. It comprises providing resources and supplies to the homeless via donations from our amazing Plano community. I hope that this project concludes positively with fantastic results. It never hurts to try new experiences. This is a community, so everyone’s decision is respected and understood with empathy. I expected little from joining this club, but it has brought me moments of happiness and connections that are irreplaceable. The positivity that every member exudes is infectious and has made me a happier man.