Jan 22, 2019
LaShon Ross, Collin Cty Homeless Coalition Member
Service: Packing 35 lunches for CC homelessness

CCHC stands for the Collin County Homeless Coalition.

Tuesday, 1/22, LaShon Ross will speak with us about homelessness in Collin County & during the lunch hour we will assemble 35 sandwich lunches for delivery Wednesday, 1/23.

Wednesday, 1/23, 1-3 PW volunteers will be serving sandwiches for our community members who are currently experiencing homelessness. The sandwiches will be served at the Assistance Center of Collin County (900 18th Street, Plano, TX 75074) from 2-4:30 PM for those receiving services from partner organization Streetside Showers.

The Assistance Center of Collin County brings carefully qualified and prompt short-term assistance to individuals and families in financial crisis to help them regain self-sufficiency. Through discerning programs, guidance and funds, we help stabilize Collin County families’ home economies to fight homelessness, hunger and poverty as well as help protect our entire community from a wave effect of negative impacts.