Jun 18, 2019
Eric vanGoethem, Amada Senior Care Dallas
How to Care for Your Loved One at Home without Breaking the Bank


When your aging loved one gets ill, injured or can no longer care for his or herself, the last thing they want to do is leave their home. Becoming their caregiver may not be possible, especially if they live far away, or if you are already their caregiver, you may find the burden of their care is overwhelming.

According to Eric vanGoethem, owner of Amada Senior Care Dallas, more and more families are opting for in-home professional caregiving, in which a licensed and trained home health aide provides assistance with such activities of daily living as bathing, dressing, toileting and eating, cooking, cleaning and laundry, medication management and doctors’ appointments, and companionship.

In his talk, "How to Care for Your Loved One at Home without Breaking the Bank," Eric will share with your members:

  • The different kinds of home health services
  • Why they should plan for in-home care, even if they don’t need it now
  • How Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care insurance may cover much of the cost


Eric vanGoethem spent much of his career indirectly helping sick people get better as a medical equipment sales rep to medical facilities, but it wasn’t until severe illness hit his own family that he realized he could make a bigger impact on the lives of patients and their families through professional caregiving.

Now the owner of the Dallas and North Dallas franchises of Amada Senior Care, Eric saw first-hand how overwhelmed his mother was when his father got Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, a rare, degenerative, fatal brain disorder that may involve mental deterioration, involuntary movements, blindness, weakness of extremities, and coma. Eric’s family was never told about in-home caregivers, and it made him determined to make caregiving available to families in need.

Before joining Amada Senior Care, Eric was Area Sales Manager for Medtronic, the world's largest medical device company which develops and manufactures devices and therapies to treat more than 30 chronic diseases, including heart failure, Parkinson's disease, urinary incontinence, Down's syndrome, obesity, chronic pain, spinal disorders and diabetes.

Before that, Eric was Director of Sales and Marketing for Surgical Care Affiliates, one of the largest providers of outpatient surgery in the United States, and Sales Representative for Mizuho OSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty spine and orthopedic surgical tables.

Eric holds both a BSBA in Management Information Systems and an MBA in Marketing from Auburn University.

Eric VanGoethem, Owner

Amada Senior Care Dallas

eric.vg@amadaseniorcare.com  (334) 663-2333