May 19, 2020 12:00 PM
Wen Chen, Ph.D.
Coronavirus, China’s Censorship, and Human Rights
  • The Chinese authority’s censorship of information on the new coronavirus led to the epidemic outbreak in Wuhan followed by the biggest quarantine in human history. The humanitarian crisis is a consequence of China’s long term human rights abuse and brainwashing.

  • Millions of Chinese people are prisoned for their spiritual beliefs or political views. Besides torture and slave labor, they are killed for their organs. While it takes years in the U.S. to wait for matching organs, it takes weeks in China. The state-sanctioned organ harvesting towards prisoners of conscience has been operated by the Chinese police, legal and military system.

  • The Chinese government has been shaping the mind of Americans through influencing U.S. media, buying the entertainment industry, and providing free Chinese education through Confucius Institutes/Classrooms in American universities and high schools.  

  • People in China became more and more awakened with the help of innovations to bypass China's Internet blockade. More and more human rights lawyers and outspoken scholars emerged in China. The movement of quitting the Chinese Communist Party is bringing hope to China, while they need our support from the free society.