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 Oct 03, 2017
RYLA Students
 Oct 10, 2017
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Plano Parks and Recreation
 Oct 17, 2017
Plano Retired Teachers, like Rotary, is very interested in impacting the lives of PISD students.  We would like to speak to your members to spread awareness about our Books for Kids project.
Like Rotary, Plano Retired Teachers is deeply involved with helping the students of PISD succeed…especially in schools like Barron where there are economic challenges.  Plano Retired Teachers has had an ongoing project for about 40 years in the Title ! Schools called Books for Kids.  
Research tells us that if students don’t have personal books in their homes that it is more difficult for them to become competent readers.  Every year Books for Kids provides about 10,000 books to these disadvantaged Title I students.  The gifted books are personal books for them to keep and take home.  Giftings happen 2-3 times a year and books are given to the 19 Title I Elementary students.  Everything from the purchase through to the delivery of books is all done by Plano Retired Teachers volunteers at no expense to the school or students.  
Deborah Jones
 Oct 24, 2017
 Oct 26, 2017
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